Clean Up


As a holiday loving person I am continually amazed at the absolute desperation I feel to get every trace of the season boxed up and put away as quickly as possible following Christmas Day. Why is that? It’s like a light switch at midnight on Christmas Day and what mere hours before felt magical and cozy feels suffocating and stale. This year I had to live with it a bit longer because we postponed some of our plans as a means to properly quarantine/test and safely gather with grandparents. But as I sit here in my bare kitchen sipping tea and reflecting on the season I am filled with joy by the magic we made even given the totally bizarre circumstances of this last year. Before we completely move forward I wanted to share a few sweet moments from our holiday cocoon. 


She’s a beaut, Clark!


so proud of his gingerbread house, and mama is thankful Costco made it easy


A toddler wreath as pretty as can be thanks to a sweet friend sending a kit to keep us busy


These sweet boys


Exploring our (very empty) city


Menu planning, shout out to Ina!


A visit to the Rosebud Motel with friends and Vueve in a solo cup


Day date! The first in an embarrassing amount of time


A gorgeous al fresco lunch at The Whale Wins on said day date


Adventuring at a local nursery


casually watching a movie #littlebrothers


Getting the mud pies ready for Christmas dinner


Ready for action on Christmas Eve, mostly Ina and a little Smitten


When mama needs a few minutes to get ready a show in the “rocket ship” will do


Did a little side by side with a special porch delivery tasting for our neighbors on Christmas Eve


Apparently I was the most excited on Christmas morning and got to sip my tea and take a moment before the chaos began


Everyone was tuckered out by 10:30 am


Mezze for our Spanish feast on New Years Eve


Even the little ones gobbled up the pan con tomate

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