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Sons & Daughters

Can we talk about the joy of dining out? Isn’t it the best?! I loveLOVElove the excitement of eating at a new restaurant and exploring foods in ways I’m not quite skilled enough to put together myself.

Most recently I was completely floored by the experience at Sons & Daughters. Jimmy surprised me with reservations as a special birthday treat (he knows me well). Besides it being the hottest day of the year + an open kitchen, which = birthday girl not so elegantly hiking up her dress and kicking off shoes under the table, it was one of the best meals of my life.


garden herbs english pea and whey

A few notes on why it was so incredible:

  • Farm to table, no, really, their farm to their table! S&D has a one acre farm south of SF just past San Jose and they base their menu on whatever is being harvested THAT DAY. Swoon! 

this seasons harvest

  • One pre-fix menu, in otherwords, you get to EAT EVERYTHING! I mean, there really aren’t words for the joy I have when I get to try every single thing the kitchen is making.

petaluma chicken with fennel and arugula (apologies for the blurry pic, I couldn’t focus because it smelled so good)

  • Optional wine pairings (and by optional I mean obviously I’m getting the wine pairing). S&D’s elite level sommelier totally knew her stuff and was so patient with me as I asked questions about every single varietal she poured. Oh, and it didn’t hurt to get some complimentary pink bubbles to start.

This cabernet sauvignon was fantastic. It is grown by a family with one sunny hillside in an otherwise cool region not conducive to growing cab grapes. Useful wine tip: when shopping for California cabs know that 2011 was a tough year on the fruit. If possible, reach for an older or newer vintage.

  • Michelin rated dining for a reasonable price. Yes, it is still pricey compared to a burger and fries. But it’s SF for goodness sake, it’s Michelin rated, AND you leave with a full belly.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a special meal in San Francisco Sons & Daughters is definitely one to try. (I mean, I saved the menu to possibly frame in our home…not sure I should admit that, but just make a rezzy.)

Sons & Daughters, 708 Bush Street San Francisco, CA 94108, 415.391.8311

What about you, try any good restaurants lately?









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