Urban Hiking


How well do you know your own city? Whether new to your town like me (kind of) or a life long resident I think it all too often becomes easy to fall into a routine and overlook the incredible adventures right outside your door. The hubs and I recently committed to doing a better job of exploring our beautiful city and last weekend he made good on that commitment by organizing an urban hike from where we live in Hayes Valley through Golden Gate Park and ending at Ocean Beach. I had NO idea how cool Golden Gate Park is…so cool in fact, that cool isn’t even a cool enough word to describe it. You could explore for hours on end (which we did) and never get to see it all. Next up, maybe one of these followed by a little bit of this. Any fun surprises in your hood recently?


puerto rican feast pre-park…more details on this spot next week



I spy with my little eye a little cutie on a bike with streamers and a studly hubs waiting patiently



inside the conservatory of flowers



my new homie, I’m stealing his vibe as inspiration for decorating my bedroom (I know, I’m weird)



Japanese tea gardens have beauty on top of beauty



happiness is green tea ice cream and a field of daisies



Shout out to my daddio…watching this guy practice at the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club



BISON! Real ones!



We made it! Thankful for the ice cold Pacific on these tired tootsies.





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