Happy List Friday

This Friday is off to a phenomenal start already because I woke up in my favorite place, Seattle. It is the time of year in this part of the country where people shift their complaints about the weather from rain/cold to too hot/sweaty/why didn’t I buy that AC last year!?!?!!. I for one am excited to be here, feel that sunshine (see ya later July gloom) and complain about sweating too. Spending the weekend with family, friends and a new bundle of joy. Perfection. Happy Friday!


seriously, how do they do that?! beautiful every time



got to share my apple core with this guy, he loved it



if you haven’t tried Steve’s you aren’t really living life to the fullest, two new flavors to enjoy (the coffee cinnamon is dairy free and BOMBBOMBBOMB)



brigtening the bathroom windowsill with the last blooms of a bouquet from friends



the moodiest wine cellar



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