Happy List Friday

Normally weekends are a time I look forward to switching off and recharging but I am officially in crunch time for my studies. Pretty much devoting every spare minute I have these days to memorizing grape varietals and sub-regions of countries I have never been to (but now can’t wait to see). Hoping dinner with friends tonight and a quick outing for the farmer’s market on Sunday is enough to keep me focused the rest of the time. Wish me luck and happy Friday!


Some people need his & hers sinks, in my household we need this…his & hers preferred water temperatures



Booze for days



Pickled goodness all made by my mom and dad and all (minus the asparagus) from their garden



A quite moment on an early morning walk through Seattle before a long day of meetings



FINALLY!!!! Airport food I can get down with in the new United terminal at SFO (have you ever tried to eat gluten free while traveling?…it’s basically impossible)


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