Wine Wednesday


Ok, quick break from studying to bring you this wine Wednesday update, because I love you and wine is important. Just wrapped up learning about Loire Valley, the mothership of Sauvignon Blanc style wines…crispy, light, dry, delicious. I previously talked a bit about the flavor profile of Bordeaux in this post but today I am going to share two whites from the Loire Valley.

First of all, both of these featured wines are from Trader Joe’s and totally inexpensive. I highly recommend visiting TJs as a place to experiment with wine because at $6.99 you don’t feel bad if it isn’t your fave and you dump it (gasp!, I know…but it really is ok to do if you don’t love it).


Wine 1: Muscadete Sevre et Maine 2012, Reserve Des Cleons, Loire Valley, France, $6.99 at TJ’s
Muscadet (moos-cah-day) comes from the western most part of the Loire region, meaning it is close to the ocean and therefore has a maritime influence. It is commonly referenced as THE perfect wine to drink with oysters because it is crisp and delicate with a clean finish. I highly recommend trying this with seafood (again, oysters) especially the first time you open a bottle as a glass on it’s own might be too acidic for a first timer without the balance of food.

Wine 2: Pouilly Fume 2012, Loire Valley, France, $11.99 at TJ’s
Pouilly Fume (pwee-fwee-may) is made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes from the village of Pouilly on the upper Loire River in the Central Vineyards of Loire Valley (central because they are in the center of France, but in the region of Loire farthest east). This wine is all about the minerality which comes from the clay and limestone soils the vines are grown in. Again, try this wine with food for the best experience. Green salads, anything with goat cheese and poultry would all be good choices.


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