Bar Mingo

That, my friends, is heaven in a bowl

That, my friends, is heaven in a bowl, cacio e pepe perfection

It seems as if my summer of exhausting travel is finally slowing down. This is definitely one of those having fun, but totally exhausted statements we all tend to have from time to time. That said, I wouldn’t change a weekend away as they have been full of family, friends, laughs and of course lots of good food. On a few of these weekends my sweetheart and I have managed to sneak away for impromptu date nights in whatever town we happened to be in. There’s something about being in a different place that makes it just a little more romantic. I’ve heard my friends in Portland talk about Bar Mingo for years but I’ve never managed to make it there for a bite. Finally, a last minute date night in Ptown was the perfect excuse to give it a try. The meal was on point and the warm summer night dining al fresco made it that much better. Oh, and I have officially decided that Cacio e Pepe would be part of my last meal request. OMG, so good! Next time, Cafe Mingo, the sister restaurant next door. Cheers!

Bar Mingo
811 NW 21st Ave
Portland, OR 97209



Bread served with olive oil and flaked sea salt

Bread served with olive oil and flaked sea salt, thank you, a restaurant that gets it


This prawn dish was a true delight, I swear they season the croutons with something addictive

This prawn dish was a true delight, it was like they seasoned the croutons with something addictive, turns out it was a lemon infused oil



Creamy polenta with garlic spinach and sausage



I wouldn’t normally share the wine list but we really enjoyed the Barberas by the glass. We got one glass of each and they were totally different…one with a subtle oak finish and one entirely fruit forward, I highly recommend both!


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