Happy List Friday

You made it through the week, cheers to the weekend! This week I am doing a happy list beach edition in honor of our time in Cannon Beach Oregon last weekend. We had an absolute blast with the family and the BEST weather I have ever seen at the beach, a big statement considering I’ve been going every summer since 5th grade. One of the coolest moments was on the last night when we went to the beach to watch the sunset and my parents were asked to take pictures as a couple got engaged! The guy was so nervous (the girl obviously didn’t know this was about to happen) my dad had to remind him to take the cap off the lens of the camera. So sweet! Always such a great time with lots of reminiscing of years past and big BIG laughs…we aren’t a very quiet or shy family. There were too many enjoyable moments to share just one so here are a few of my favorites. Hope you have a lovely weekend, friends.


The magical view of Haystack Rock just after sunset



the absolute hands down best milkshake I have ever had from Cannon Beach Chocolate Cafe



Fresh seafood at the seashore…a little dungeness crab, shrimp cocktail and smoked mussels



A buoy tree outside the surf shop



Peace, I think it’s what everyone wants right now given recent events



Wall of sauce, pick your poison




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