Happy List Friday

Tonight on a walk to grab pizza in the hood for dinner my hubby reminded me that Labor Day weekend is NEXT WEEKEND! Umm, excuse me? Didn’t summer just begin, like, yesterday!? Well, if that’s the case I guess it’s time to make the weekend count and soak up those remaining rays of goodness. I need to get a beach, a hike and a picnic on the books pronto, maybe even this weekend. Hope you have something fun planned, happy Friday!


Flashback Friday to some old pics of me and my sissy. What you can’t see is our rockin suits, mine says Coca-Cola (even though I’m apparently working for Slice) and hers says Diet Coke. Pretty cute move, mama. Sidenote, proof that Alli’s hair has always been bigger than she is.



Eating this heavenly combo every meal I can until I can’t.



A touch of lovely for a friend’s visit. The smell brings me straight back to rush, GO GAMMA PHI!

Finally, you’ve no doubt seen endless videos for the ice bucket challenge dominating your social media but please take a moment to educate yourself on what it is and donate to a very worthy cause. http://www.alsa.org/ This video touched my heart, what an absolute hero of a man. Thank you Pete Frates for starting this movement and raising awareness for ALS. If you are able to donate please visit the ALS Association’s website and remember every single dollar helps! http://www.alsa.org/


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