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Remember when I told you last week to start inching toward fall with this recipe? Well as delicious as it was I would like to change my mind and stay firmly planted in summer. I’m just not ready, I’m not ready yet! Don’t make me go! Especially after this last weekend drenched with warm rays of sunshine and that easy slow moving way of a long weekend. It was absolute perfection especially when paired with this lovely summer salad of grilled squash and stone fruit with tarragon and manchego…oh and a drizzle of truffle oil! It really is summer at its finest and a proper farewell to the season (tear).

Grilled Summer Salad, recipe courtesy of Roost (some of the most beautiful imagery you will find on any blog), serves 2 for main and 4 as a side

6 small to medium yellow and green squash
3 stone fruit, nectarines/peaches whatever is still good
1 TBS chopped mint (I forgot the mint, oops!)
1 TBS chopped tarragon
1/2 cup shaved manchego, use a potato peeler for long beautiful strips
Olive Oil
Truffle Oil
Salt and Pepper

Slice squash lengthwise and fruit into segments, lightly brush with olive oil and grill on griddle or BBQ until nicely marked. Arrange on a platter and sprinkle with torn herbs, manchego, give a good drizzle of truffle oil and finish with salt and pepper. Grilling can be done ahead of time and served at room temperature or even slightly chilled, just make sure to add the herbs, cheese and truffle right before serving. Enjoy, it is so good!











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