Happy List Friday

It seems that every day, week, month, year that goes by I appreciate the little things more and the things I thought mattered less. Weekends…weekends matter. I feel so rejuvenated after a bit of R&R, a to-do list with lots of X’s on it and a bit of time to breathe. This weekend we are road tripping it down to San Ynez, CA for our friend’s wedding and while my hubby is busy with groomsman duties I am going to soak up the sun, read a new book (this one, have you read it?) and maybe even do a little wine tasting. I hope you have a fun one ahead as well. Xo!

The stunning sky over Sacramento at dusk

The stunning sky over Sacramento at dusk



date night with Avett Brothers & Brandi Carlile at The Greek



Loved being back on a college campus this week



Can someone tell me what the heck to do with these gorgeous baby eggplants, they are too pretty not to buy



Land meets sea at a sushi restaurant lunch meeting


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