Happy List Friday

Ahhhh, we made it. Good for us, it was a long one, huh? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been loving work and life lately…but it just feels so damn good to relax and kick back and rest. This weekend the boys are coming over to watch football and I’m making nachos, keep your eyes peeled for them sometime next week. Hope you have some amazing R&R this weekend. Xoxo!


I wanted to but I just couldn’t, I was too scuurred



A happy basil art accident while rinsing



The happiest little breakfast (and best damn granola, get it next time you are at Blue Bottle)



There’s no denying it any longer, it’s officially that time of year


Finally, it has been a very LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE GIRLS kind of week. Check out these two videos I loved so very much. The first one will make you laugh, the second will make you think (and is worth listening to in it’s entirety even though it’s long). Both are totally spot on. Thankful to have such strong female voices speaking up for women’s rights.



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