Wine Wednesday


When I take a step back and think about how much I have learned about wine in the last 6 months I give myself a big ol’ pat on the back. I have always been a lover of wine, it is definitely my bevy of choice, and I have even been lucky enough to try some really great bottles thanks to business dinners over the years. But beyond the fact that I thought I wasn’t a huge chardonnay fan (Burgundy has changed my mind) I really didn’t know much. I often found myself in the wine aisle at the grocery store with a puzzling look on my face wanting to pair something perfectly with a meal but only knowing a few bottles I liked. It is a big wine world out there and I definitely only know the smallest bit about it, but for the first time in my life I have an idea of what all those weird bottles you’ve never heard of on a wine list mean. Every week on Wine Wednesday I share a bottle I’m sipping and a few tips I have found interesting or useful with a goal of keeping it easy, simple and approachable. This week I wanted to share a few resources that have helped me in my wine education. Whether you are wanting to take your wine knowledge to the next level or simply figure out a good wine to pair with dinner, these sites will have what you are looking for.

Wine Folly
Wine Folly is an exceptional tool for anyone looking for simple answers to wine questions. Their strength is breaking down topics into digestible amounts of information and using beautifully designed info-graphics to aid in explaining different topics, a tool any visual learner like myself can appreciate. I highly recommend giving the site a try…type something wine related into the search bar at the top of the site and be prepared to learn something new.

Wine For Normal People
I am 100% addicted to these podcasts. I credit them with at least half of what I know and devour each episode the moment it is released. There are even some I have listened to multiple times. Why? Well, the name says it all. Elizabeth Schneider has every right to be a snobby annoying wino because she knows just about EVERYTHING there is to know about wine, but instead she chooses to be a champion for the average person interested in wine. Gotta love her! If you are into podcasts I couldn’t recommend this one more, but if that isn’t your thing check out (and follow) the Wine for Normal People Facebook page. They post lots of fun stuff like when there is a third growth Bordeaux at Trader Joe’s for $30 (true story)!!! If that still isn’t your thing they have a YouTube channel with plenty of short videos to get you going. Here is one I thought was interesting.

The Bubbly Professor
If you are serious about your wine game and are considering taking any type of certification classes the Bubbly Professor is an absolute must. As any wine student knows, the maps are essential to passing anything and the Bubbly Professor has maps that are clear, easy to read (unlike some course books I know) and are well labeled. She also has loads of practice tests available that are perfectly aligned with the curriculum of the CSW test. Definitely not the place to start for beginners but a reliable resource for students and a fun test of your knowledge for any winos out there looking for a challenge. Cheers!


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