Setting the Table

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Don’t mind me, just trying my best to make Martha proud by setting the table like a pro. I am nowhere close to her level, especially since I had to Google the correct placement of the silverware, but I’m pretty happy with the look I pieced together using what I had around the house and some fun new napkins I bought (and needed) from Cost Plus. If you are looking for inspiration for a festive tablescape I hope this helps or at least triggers an idea. Below is a list of what I used.

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Thanksgiving Table Toppers

    • Table Runner – natural grass look gives a nice rustic feel and anchors the centerpiece of the table
    • Mood Lighting – votives and candlesticks, any candle holders you have will work, if you have varying heights even better!

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    • Pumpkins – I used these pumpkins to decorate around the house for Halloween, thank goodness I didn’t throw them out because I think they look perfectly festive for this Thanksgiving table
    • Fall Leaves – you must have some around your house, right? I do too, but I have to admit to you…I bought these. Isn’t that terrible! I am totally embarrassed by it but I just couldn’t trust the leaves on the ground in SF, it is such a dirty city! But if I was back in Seattle, you better believe it would have been nature walk time and major leaf collecting would have happened. Oh man, I’m ashamed.

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    • Placemats or Chargers – nothing makes your dishware stand out better than anchoring it with something below. Use what you have, don’t go crazy, any and all color schemes will work with this look.
    • Colorful Napkins – I have white napkins but was in the market for something more colorful to pop against our white plates. These beauties were on sale at Cost Plus for $3 each. Score! Use THIS VIDEO tutorial to learn how I folded mine.

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  • Name Cards – I skipped them because I like people to sit where they prefer in a smaller group, but with a larger group would have written the names on the portion of the leaf sticking out of the napkin in gold or black ink.

Also, no party is complete without a good playlist setting the mood. I’ve been really digging the Thanksgiving Day Radio station on Pandora. It is full of oldies like Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles but peppered with some holiday instrumentals and current groups like Mumford & Sons. I’ve been playing it all week!

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