Marin Headlands


If you have watched any major sporting event showcasing a San Francisco team you have taken in the view from Marin Headlands. It is the iconic shot looking back over the Golden Gate Bridge (plus the Bay Bridge in the background) and the city of San Francisco. I have driven past the exit on 101 a number of times and have always wanted to pull off and check it out but have never had the time on my way to a meeting or patience after a long day to do it. This last Sunday, the time finally came. The hubs and I headed out for a hike to explore the area and take in the famous view. Needless to say we were not disappointed. The hike was easy-moderate with stunning grassy hills rolling all around peppered with little pops of orange or purple wild flowers and every so often we got a peak of the water. The real prize came at the top of Hawk Hill where you are rewarded with a view that no camera could ever do justice. The kicker is it only took us 20 minutes to get to the start of the trail from the city, why on earth don’t we do this more often?! There are so many different trails and areas to discover in the Headlands…Black Sands Beach, Hawk Hill, the Coastal Trail and the Rodeo Lagoon just to name a few. I will be heading back on a regular basis for some more exploring and highly recommend anyone who lives in the Bay Area or is in town for a visit to do the same. Oh, and important to note that you can actually drive up to the viewpoints too, no hike necessary!

Some links that may be helpful if planning a visit:
Marin Headlands Map with Trails
National Park Service Tips for Marin Headlands

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