You Go Girl

I’m tired. It’s been a long week. I feel like I haven’t had enough time to do anything well and my mind immediately goes to my friends with kids and then I’m really at a loss for words. How do women do it? I think so many of us strive to put our all in to everything we touch. Our friendships, spouses, children, health, work, hobbies…we want it all. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to want to succeed in the things we care about in life, yet the older I get the more pressure I feel to prioritize just a few of those things I value. Can you please tell me how you decide between committing time to being a healthy person and the health of the relationships that bring you so much joy? Or between the work that provides you a living and feelings of accomplishment versus the passions that feed your spirit? It doesn’t seem fair to have to choose but I see the women in my life make these choices every single day and I know they don’t like making them any more than I do.

All of this is to say I don’t think we can walk this road alone, ladies. We need each other. The strength behind a group of women empowering one another to be their best is unmatched. That type of support is something to be treasured and when it’s received from the women in your life there is a profoundly deep sense of appreciation. Because they get it, they understand how hard it can be. I have been blessed in my life with really inspiring women serving as role models for the type of friend, one day mother and all around person I want to be. I feel a responsibility to give back to them and every other woman and girl I meet that same feeling of attention, respect, support and love I have been given. Let’s be each others biggest cheerleaders on the journey to have it all. 


2 thoughts on “You Go Girl

  1. Lovely post! Unfortunately, I do think we often have to make hard choices about what is most important to us in life, whether it’s a career, “me” time, relationships, hobbies, etc. But sometimes when you let something go, like a relationship that maybe has been fraught with stress or putting in that extra hour at work, you realize that you’re better off without it anyway. And yoga always helps too, at least for me. 🙂

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