Warm Weather Activities

The haze of bonfires on the beach at dusk

The haze of bonfires on the beach at dusk

That time of year is slowly sneaking up on us. You know, when the air smells sweet with flowers, the sun starts to kiss your skin and running free outside is much preferred to being stuck indoors. Northern California has been experiencing some pretty incredible sunny days but I have yet to get out and really take advantage of the warm weather activities on my list. In an effort to avoid the ‘there’s nothing to do!‘ rut and soak up every moment of this wonderful time of year I decided to make a list of activities I can refer to for inspiration. Below are just a few I have down in case a gorgeous day hits and I want to get out and enjoy it. What’s on your sunny day hit list this year?

Sunny Day Hit List
Alcatraz Tour
Bike the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito (visit Bar Bocce!)
Picnic in the Park
HIKE! Like a million hikes!
Beach Bonfire
Shuck Oysters (maybe up HERE again)
Outdoor Concert
Stand Up Paddle Board
Sail the Bay
Beach Day
Walking City Tour
Half Moon Bay
Visit the Zoo (you are never too old for the zoo!)
Gof Lessons/Driving Range
Pick Fruit on a Farm (cherries, berries, peaches & tomatoes are on my list)
Drive in Movie
Make Lemonade from Scratch
Go Clam Digging
Perfect my Margarita Recipe

Really hope I can get to them all! Let me know if there are any I should add.


2 thoughts on “Warm Weather Activities

  1. Sounds like a great list! I’d love to pick fruit like blueberries somewhere as well. We usually grow strawberries and tomatoes. My list definitely includes setting up and maintaining my garden, biking long routes, going to the beach, taking aimless walks, go kayaking, and try food at street fairs 🙂

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