Bonjour from Paris

pretty as can be! Pistascio and Marie Antoinette macaroons from Ladurée

Bonjour from Paris! What a whirlwind the last 8-10 weeks have been. If you’ve been following along with my posts (or lack there of, sorry) you have probably picked up on the insane travel schedule. Some work, some play, all fun, but burning the candle at both ends has me fighting a gnarly cold with no voice just as my main squeeze and I jet off to Italy. My apologies to the travelers on the red eye next to this coughing voiceless train wreck. The good news is when you are heading to Italy there isn’t much that can get you down. I’m already drooling thinking of all the fresh pesto, truffles, pasta and vino waiting for me on the other end. 

No guarantee on regular posts over the coming weeks but depending on wifi access and downtime I will try to share a few snaps of what we are up to. You can also follow me on Instagram @knicole514 for more regular pictures. First up is a four hour layover in Paris. The hubs got a little aggressive and made plans for us to jet to the Eiffel Tower for a quick glass of bubbly but upon arrival we realized that was a journey for another day if we wanted to make our flight. So macaroons and lattes at the airport it is! 

Next update from Italy, xo!


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