Happy List Friday 

When the hubby’s away the wifey will…organize the closet and meet some friends for a glass of wine. Oh, and go on a hike too. Fun little weekend ahead even though my partner in crime is out of town. Hope you have something that makes you happy on the schedule. Xoxo!

harvest 2015 officially got under way this week and i was lucky enough to capture these (cabernet) beauties before they were picked


happiness is an organized pantry with jars on jars (raw sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, raw unsweetened coconut flakes, arborio rice, millet, polenta, quinoa, buckwheat quinoa blend, split peas, white beans….because i would be curious too)


hot cocoas as big as your head


if you nornally reach for something like Kim Crawford try this instead…same great profile (it is a sauv blanc) but slightly different notes + lots more street cred

Lucky me! San Francisco is officially on top of the foodie world. Liholiho Yact Club is next on my list. Check it out here


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