Natural Deodorant

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After years of failed attempts to switch to a natural deodorant I have finally found one that works. No folks, this is not a joke. Have you been on the hunt too? I feel like so many of my friends have been on the same (often stinky) journey I have…trying every product under the sun that promises to work wonders but keeps you safe from the dangerous sweat gland blocking ingredients used in traditional deodorants, namely aluminum. For those of you who haven’t geeked out on this like I have here’s the jist of it. Aluminum is the primary ingredient used in most antiperspirants and deodorants to help block sweat from escaping the pores. Sounds great, but aluminum has been linked to breast cancer in women, prostate cancer in men and has also been linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease in many studies. With such convincing data ditching the aluminum based products from your daily routine should be an easy decision to make. But it’s not. Or at least it hasn’t been for me, because who wants to risk the embarrassing BO that comes from a product that doesn’t work? Maybe it’s vain but it’s true.

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Well, after trying at least ten different products, none of which worked, I was hesitant but hopeful to give it another shot with the Duggan Sisters all natural dry deodorant. It took at least two weeks to get used to the application, a little pat pat pat on your underarm, and the feel of…well, basically nothing, because it feels like you have nothing on but I’m a month or so in and am a happy non-stinky girl. At the end of the day it seems like everybody is different because every BODY is different, so you have to do what’s right for you. But if you’ve been on the hunt for a natural option for deodorant this might be your answer, because it is definitely mine. A few more pros/cons below if you are interested.

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-Can also be used with a roll on stink stick (I mean, the names are just too funny!) for added scent protection when you need it. I have found I don’t tend to need it.
-Multi-use product can be used as deodorant but also as a dry shampoo, foot powder and even as toothpaste! WHOA…it’s that safe.
-Hygienic to share since you sprinkle into your palm to apply.
-Scent of lavendar and cedarwood is so light you can barely detect it, playing nice with any other perfume or lotion you may already be using.
-Environmentally friendly packaging for both full size and travel options. One full size container lasts for 9 months!
-No white residue on your clothes, HALLELUJAH! I’ve had so many black dresses end up ruined over the years from a slight bleaching due to deodorant residue that never fully washed out. With this product you have no leftover marks on your clothing at all, and because it’s a powder it brushes right off if it gets on anything.
-No build up in your razor when you shave. This might be TMI, but when I used deodorant I was always left with a sticky build up in my razor blade even after I used an exfoliating glove before shaving my underarms. Now, I just lather and shave like normal and have zero issues.

-I had a slight redness for a few days after I started using it. I think it’s because I tried using the extra strength (out of full paranoia) and definitely didn’t need it. I also think my body needed to get used to it. Now I use it daily and have no signs of irritation at all.
-Full disclosure, my friend borrowed one of the travel sized samples to try and didn’t love it. Experienced the same redness I did. I kept using it and got through that but it seems that might be something to be aware of.
-PARANOIA! Seriously, I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to get comfortable with the fact that it works but I keep sneaking sniffs to make sure I’m smelling so fresh and so clean. I have been 100% good to go EVERY SINGLE TIME but I look like a freak in the meantime because I’m constantly smelling myself. Gross.

It’s also worth noting that I ordered the starter kit that came with a bug repellent lotion (haven’t used yet) and a bar of soap. The soap is AMAZING!!! I have been looking for a natural replacement to my Dove body wash FOREVER but had never found anything that didn’t irritate my super sensitive skin. This is it! It lathers unbelievably well and doesn’t leave my skin dry or with razor burn after shaving. These Duggan Sisters have it figured out, and also happen to be the cutest gals on the planet. Just check out one of their many informational videos below. The CUTEST!

Check out their main website HERE and a their store to buy products HERE.

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