Happy List Friday

Happy spooky Friday! I’m so excited for Halloween this year because I get to spend it with some adorable little kiddos. Nothing compares to seeing kids dressed up in amazing costumes and running around with pure joy in search of sweet treats. It’s also the official start of the holiday season and countdown to my favorite holiday of the year, Thanksgiving, eeek!!! Hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!

Below are a few snaps from my trip to Portland, one of the best cities there is. Also, a few of my costume winners from the past if you’re looking for inspiration.

23 Hoyt is a must and trust me you want the oysters


powells books, i could spend all day here


breathtaking street art


because PDX


only in Portland is this the snack situation

I love a good costume! Not all of these were from Halloween but several were definitely last minute so figured I would share in case you’re looking for something easy. I was also a red solo cup + ping pong ball (beer pong, obviously) but that doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere (maybe for good reason).


Class of 1991 School Photos…we wore those cardboard backs all night

Child Bride, so wrong…but look how cute my sister is

Slash + Axl…please note the hubs leopard leggings

Back in college I steered clear of the sexy costume options and instead opted to be a mud flap. Clearly I had just as much fun. Shout out to my bestie in the back who unstuffed a duck stuffed animal so she could wear it.

80’s Dream Team. That’s my real hair, gulp.

Mad Men Ladies



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