Hey Ray

lending a helping hand

lending a helping hand

I may be a Seattle girl at heart (and really do love a good rainy stormy day) but I must admit the sunshine in California ain’t so bad. Similar to my fave city in the PNW there is so much to do outside in the Bay Area when the sun is showing off her beautiful rays. We recently went on a mini hike with some friends to Turtle Rock on Ring Mountain in Tiburon. The hike was really more of an uphill stroll but it had some incredible views looking back at San Francisco and got me excited to explore more of this remarkable area. This list of 21 San Francisco Day Trips from Sunset Magazine is exactly what I was looking for to get my adventures started. I can hardly wait to get to Half Moon Bay and explore Berkeley on a gourmet food tour (umm, hi Sunset writers, have we met? did you know that’s my dream come true?!). I promise to share my favorites as I discover them.

What are you doing to explore the hidden gems in your town? I know Rattlesnake Ridge is next on my list up in WA.

we made it!

we made it!


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