jam bar and bay city chai

jam bar and bay chai

It’s Tuesday. And some Tuesdays, my friends, call for a little morning stroll in the sunshine and a cup of coffee (or in this case a Bay Chai, the BEST) at my favorite neighborhood coffee boxcar (it’s San Francisco, you can’t be surprised that my coffee spot is in a boxcar). Ritual is one of the handful of roasters getting a ton of buzz as being the best in the city and I have to say I wouldn’t argue the point. Their convenient and oh-so-darling location in my hood doesn’t hurt either and honestly after one sip I almost forget about the $4.somethingridiculous price I pay for a latte. Oh and this jam bar is almost other worldly. That good.


sunny coffee mornings…hey, is that Bieber in the back?!

If you are ever in town and want to visit here are Ritual’s locations:

  • Hayes Valley – Hayes and Octavia on the park
  • Bayview – in Flora Grubb Gardens, 1634 Jerrold Ave
  • Mission – 1026 Valencia Street
  • Napa – Oxbow Public Market
boxcar style bar

boxcar style bar

a touch of lovely thanks to Farm Girl

a touch of lovely thanks to Farm Girl flowers











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