Portland Love




garlic cilantro and red pepper prawns

I’m in love with a city and it’s not Seattle, gasp!…it’s Portland. I really REALLY love this town. A huge part of that love comes from the people close to my heart I associate with being there, but there is so much more that makes me smile from ear to ear (even as I write this) when I think of time I have spent in Portland. The vibe is just right, the people are friendly and there is good food to be had in every single neighborhood. Talk about my kind of place!

This last weekend I got to enjoy the city with some of my sweet friends and meet the two newest little additions to the group who are too cute for words. It was a time of relaxation, quality time spent with people I miss dearly, cuddly new babies, and cooking food for people I love. My perfect kind of weekend and one that fed my soul. Thank you friends for such a wonderful trip!

The menu for a healthy girls + new baby lunch:


cook prawns until pink

The shrimp were pan roasted in a little bit of olive oil, a splash of dry white wine, garlic, red pepper flakes, and salt. Garnished with fresh cilantro.


We devoured the salad before I had time to snap a final pic! Just trust me it was beautiful and delicious.

We followed the recipe for the salad and it was perfect with the addition of an extra sprinkle of salt. And YES, the corn is cut right off the cob and served raw.


lime spritzers, perfectly refreshing on a hot day

These lime spritzers were a healthy take on a lime-aid I tried recently at a Puerto Rican restaurant. Squeeze fresh lime juice into a bowl and add a touch of maple syrup to your desired sweetness (they should be tart so don’t add too much). Fill a glass to the top with ice and pour a few tablespoons of lime juice mix over top. Fill the rest of the way with sparkling water. So refreshing! If you want to play you could even add a tiny sprinkle of cayenne.













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