Happy List Friday

Man oh man am I glad it is Friday, time for some serious R&R! I have this terrible habit of feeling guilty anytime I allow myself to kick back and rest even when I know I need it. Even on weekends at home I end up scrubbing the floors, running a million errand or starting a project on my list. I know myself too well to promise to rest the entire weekend but tonight, FRIDAY NIGHT, I am pulling on my fanciest gray fleece sweats, grabbing a cozy blanket and chilling the eff out. 100% chance I fall asleep on the couch and that is just the way I want it. Hope you have a nice and restful weekend too!


My feminine version of the Birkenstocks trend



Don’t walk, RUN, to Trader Joe’s and buy these dolmas immediately…if they are out of stock don’t worry, they are on their way from Greece so just be patient. No, seriously.



A magical sunset in Tahoe last weekend



Tyler Florence is coming out with a Test Kitchen cookbook but this store front next to his El Paseo restaurant in Mill Valley has my hopes up for more.



This impressive display went from the top floor of Bloomingdales to the basement in honor of this weekend’s PRIDE celebration. Proud to live in a city that not only accepts but also celebrates all people.


3 thoughts on “Happy List Friday

  1. Aha! That’s MY happy list. “I’m gonna talk about a place that’s got a hold on me… Mill Valley. A little place where life feels very fine and free…Mill Valley” and… Where did those shoes come from?

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