My Sweet Jane

Asian Chicken Salad

Asian Chicken Salad

Jane on Fillmore is one of those places that always has a line out the door thanks to their yummy menus with plenty of gluten free options (the quinoa toast, oh my!) and Stumptown Coffee (I see you Portland). They recently opened a new location closer to my house and I decided to show my support one empty-fridge afternoon. The new location is in a neighborhood that has traditionally been pretty tough and I applaud and thank them for taking the leap to help add new life to the area. I also happen to love that an afternoon cup of tea and lunch at Jane makes me think of my sweet Jane, my Grandma, who always loved a good cup of tea.

Jane on Fillmore, 2123 Fillmore Street

Jane on Larkin, 925 Larkin Street

La Marzocco Coffee Bar (shout out to Meg!)

La Marzocco Coffee Bar (shout out to Meg!)


for Janie

for Janie


reality, the healthy but still delicious choice



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