Wine Wednesday

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Is there anything better than a good bottle of wine? Actually…yes, yes there is. Giving back. Giving back is far better in my opinion than wine, and I think it’s pretty well documented how much I love wine. But ready for a mind blowing concept? What if you could give back AND sip a great bottle of vino? Right?!?!! Where do I sign up?

The team at One Hope has created a platform combining products and causes in an effort to make a social impact. That means with every product you purchase a percentage of the proceeds go back to a designated cause, but I’m not talking about a 2% donation, I’m talking HALF the proceeds. And the best news, the wine is really good. I have only had the Cabernet Sauvignon, which donates half the profits to help children with autism, and I am happy to report it is a beautiful red with notes of dark black cherry, a hint of ripe blackberry and a nice tobacco finish, perfect for these dark winter nights and a great sign of the quality of this line.

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Oh, and just a reminder, we are entering the season of giving. Can you imagine anything better than buying/gifting/consuming wine that gives back to causes ranging from pet adoption and child hunger to veterans affairs and clean water initiatives? I really can’t. Let’s be real people, you are going to buy wine anyway, you might as well make a difference while doing so. You better believe this is at the top of my go-to gifts list this year as I can’t think of a better way to show thanks than to be a conscience consumer while celebrating the season.

For whatever it’s worth, I’m just a big fan of this company…not paid, just sharing what I think is a great idea. Cheers!

Make sure to check out the ONE HOPE WEBSITE for their full line of products.

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