Britney Spears in Las Vegas

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WARNING: Half of you will roll your eyes at this post and half of you will absolutely love it.

I don’t have a formal bucket list of any kind but if you asked me to write some ideas down off the top of my head it would go something like this…

Eat my way through Italy
Eat my way through France
Become best friends with Mindy Kaling
Cook with Alice Waters and/or the Barefoot Contessa
Go to the Britney Spears show in Vegas

View of the strip from our hotel

View of the strip from our hotel

I’m sure I could keep going and come up with some more interesting and meaningful desires if given time to think, but without question going to Britney Spears in Vegas would still be on that list. And thanks to my sweet sweet gem of a husband I got to cross it off because he surprised me a few weeks back with a quick trip (less than 24 hours!) to Sin City to see my girl. WHAT.A.BLAST!!!

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Now, I’m a loyal fan. I’ve been on team Britney since she wore that terrible yellow Breaking Bad style hazmat suit as an opener for N*SYNC 9 million years ago. I have been to many concerts and stood firmly by her side as she went through her rough times. Through it all I knew I could count on Brit for THE BEST DANCE MUSIC a girl could ever ask for, and the show in Vegas does not disappoint. She covered every favorite I could think of and kept me dancing the entire show, with the standard two slow song obligation, ugh.

This guy raises money for breast cancer and promotes Britney on his hair. WTF.

This guy raises money for breast cancer and promotes Britney on his hair. WTF.

The show itself was a spectacular Vegas affair. Lots of costume changes, amazing set design and special effects. The real standout of the show were the backup dancers who were all on another level, I honestly don’t know how their bodies do what they do. It was incredible to watch.

You can judge me, I don't even care. I love her.

You can judge me, I don’t even care. I love her.

Britney looked amazing. She seems to be in phenomenal shape and had her hair chopped in a cute platinum bob. All her costumes were mega glam and sparkly with the coolest one coming in the form of massive angel wings she floated down from the ceiling in during one of the slow songs. She started the show with Work Bitch, and as you can imagine it set the perfect tone for the rest of the show.

It's Britney B*$&H

It’s Britney B*$&H

All of that said there are a few things to know going into the show that were different than what I’m used to seeing based on past concerts I’ve been to. First, the venue is much smaller than any other place I’ve seen her so it does feel a bit more intimate, however, there is no big screen to show up close action shots for us little people in the back rows. Don’t get me wrong I could see everything but I wanted to get a close up of all the action. I’m thinking it may have been intentional based on my next observation…

Everyone was standing but I'm pretty sure I was in a league of my own dancing. Big arms. Big arms.

Everyone was standing but I’m pretty sure I was in a league of my own dancing. Big arms. Big arms.

It’s not like it’s a secret that you go to a Britney Spears show for the performance, not the singing. The overall performance was amazing, but the truth is Britney herself was lack-luster and her dancers really get credit for any wow-factor the show had. Britney did a lot of walking around the stage, large arm movements and a bit of half dancing here and there but she never really seemed to get that into it. Maybe she’s just getting older, dude, I couldn’t do what she does every night, or maybe it’s because she is doing the same show on repeat but either way it was kind of disappointing to see. Come on Brit, we love you and came to Vegas to see you, give us a show!

Whatever the case I am still a fan, always have been and always will be. What a fun night…thank you JN!

Cheers to a wonderful surprise, I still can't believe it happened!

Cheers to a wonderful surprise, I still can’t believe it happened!


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