Yoga for Sleep


I am constantly struggling to get a good night’s sleep and feel well rested. I’m talking an almost daily battle to catch some zzzzz’s. When I’m feeling anxious, have restless legs (does anyone else ever have crazy restless legs before bed!? SO ANNOYING!) or just feel like setting myself up for an easy transition to Snoozeville I rely on Viparita Karani, or ‘legs up on the wall’ pose to help. It is heavenly. Check out a snapshot of the pose HERE…a little more formal than my friends and I rocking it late night after a few glasses of wine as pictured above, haha! You can do it on the floor with or without support under your lower back and sometimes I even flip around in bed and scoot my rear right up to the headboard of my bed for an extra comfy base. Hang out for as long as you’re comfortable but try to hold it long enough to feel the change in your legs. After holding it for long enough you will feel an almost euphoric (at least for me) sensation. I am not even kidding, it is like a calm spreads over my body. Oh, and one last tip for getting your booty right up to the wall in the easiest and most graceful way…

-Sit down next to the wall, hug your knees to your chest
-You want your entire right or left side (with knees hugged into chest) to be flush against the wall
-Now slowly roll backward onto your back with your knees still hugged in tight
-As you roll back shift your legs up onto the wall as straight up and down as you can get them and move your torso so it is perpendicular to the wall (refer to pic HERE for final position)

If you are interested in doing more yoga but can’t justify the price of practicing at a local studio check out the website Yogis Anonymous. I learned of it from my favorite teacher in Seattle, Jenniferlyn, whose classes I missed so terribly since moving down to San Francisco. But thanks to Yogis Anonymous I can take JL’s classes along with a variety of other incredible teachers, unlimited for the month, for about the same price as a single studio session drop in. Totally worth it. The best part is you can sort classes based on how long you’d like to practice, target areas you would like to focus on or certain teachers you would like to practice with. Yogis Anonymous offers a 15 day free trial so you simply must check it out.

Before I let you go I have to give a special nod of gratitude to yoga for helping me stay active and heal during a time when my body was betraying me (story in last week’s post HERE). I am a true believer in the practice and think everyone should be doing yoga on a pretty regular basis to maintain a foundation of flexibility as they age (I’m talking to you husband and dad). If you think for one second you are too old, too overweight or too inflexible to even start just watch the video below, you can do it! Oh, and I dare you not to cry when you watch it. Namaste.


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