A Thought A Day


Many years ago I saw an episode of Oprah about things you can do to live a long and healthy life. Several of the items on the list were obvious and I had heard before like eating right, exercising, yoga, strong relationships in your life, meditation…but there was one that really surprised me, journaling. I’ve kept a notepad here and there (one from 7th grade is always hilarious to look back on) and I have done a great job keeping a travel journal when on big trips, but the daily entry has never been something I could stick with. It always became too daunting and more like a chore than a release. One of my best friends journals religiously and loves it and it’s always kept the idea in my mind as something I would like to do. So when I saw this sweet little book at a gift shop the other day I snatched it up, One Line A Day, I can do that! It is really simple and takes me just a few minutes before I go to bed. I write some thoughts of the day or recount something I did. Each day of the year has five entries, meaning you are tracking your daily thoughts for five years. Can you imagine how fun this will be to look back on one day?! Anyway, I have been loving it and had to share. You can find similar books to the one I have listed below along with some other beautiful journals in case you are looking for something with a different twist. I also included an interesting article about the benefits of journaling…wow, Oprah is always right. Enjoy!

Read more about the benefits of journaling IN THIS ARTICLE.

Journal Ideas for Everyone
One Line a Day, write a few lines about your day, this is the one I have

Q&A A Day, a question to answer

My Quotable Kid, a journal to track those silly things coming out of your kiddos mouths!

One Sketch a Day, for you artists out there

Q&A A Day for Kids, a great dinner or bedtime activity to get your kids talking and writing


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