Hawk List Friday

Going for this celebration situation again this year with a WIN!

Going for this celebration situation again this year with a WIN!

Welcome to the special Seahawks edition of Happy List Friday, it’s SEAHAWKS Blue Friday people! I have been texting and emailing my husband at least one or two Seahawks related articles or videos a day in anticipation of Super Bowl Sunday. We’ve got our first class viewing team assembled and an A+ Super Bowl menu in place. Now, we wait until Sunday to root our hearts out for our Hawks and make sure they can hear the 12th Man in San Francisco. Below are some of my favorite media bits over the last few weeks, everything clicks through to articles and/or videos. Enjoy getting pumped up and cheers to losing our voices on Sunday! GOOOOOOO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seattle, we really have the best fans ever. So proud to be from such an incredible city!

Click these for links to some great Hawk stuff…
LOVE that he is a Hawk!

Superstitions, what’s yours? Ours is THE GAME CHANGER…a shot of bacon grease taken by a particular friend that induced the well known Beast Quake of 2011.

Russ is our man!

Get into the 12th Man spirit with this little number.

Everett High School you rock!

I challenge you to not get goosebumps when you watch this.

See! Marshawn talks about important things, he just doesn’t want to talk about football.

Game Day Checklist


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