Wine Wednesday

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Friends, I would like to take a moment to introduce you to the wine that started it all for me. It was a few years ago and I was at a birthday dinner my girlfriends and I do to celebrate our special days since they fall just a few short weeks apart. We were at a new (at the time) restaurant in Pioneer Square, Seattle called Bar Sajor and in the mood to celebrate since this is the gift we give each other…food, wine and time together. At the time I knew very little about wine except that I loved it and it greatly enhanced my foodie experiences. The Somm came over and chatted us up about what we planned to order and suggested this Italian wine because it was a very light red that would pair well with our seafood and roast chicken (is it weird that I remember what we ate?). What he didn’t tell us, or in all fairness what probably didn’t register with me because I didn’t understand wine at the time, was how different this wine would be from anything I knew as red wine. I can still remember how floral and light it was and how much it added to the experience of the meal. I even have a photo of the bottle from that dinner saved on my phone to this day because I wanted to have a reminder on hand of this special bottle.

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Well, I found it! And it was just as delicious as I remembered. Now that I have a better understanding of wines I can describe it a bit better too. It is delicate and floral with scents of orange rind and dried fruit on the nose and tastes of dried strawberries, earthiness like tree bark and a hint of black licorice ending with subtle threads of tannin at the finish. Truly a touch of lovely. I also found the flavors really brightened with the tiniest bit of chill to the wine.

And as if the wine wasn’t good enough, the story behind the brand is one of a kind. If you have a minute I highly recommend checking out the website (name is linked below) and reading about this incredible family keeping their husband and father’s legacy alive.

Matteo Correggia
Located in the Roero DOCG of Piedmont, Italy
Anthos 2012 is made from 100% Brachetto, a grape traditionally used for sweet, slightly sparkling wines, but truly showing it’s versatility in this light red

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