How To Series

Isn’t the internet a magical thing? When something comes along in our days that we don’t know the answer to or we would like to know more about we simply search online and the problem is solved. Whhhaaattt on earth did people do before the internet?! Is that what encyclopedias were used for? I digress…lately I have noticed myself using the internet to search for “how to” videos for random things around the house. A few have been so helpful I thought you might want to know about them too.

First up, how to fold a fitted sheet. The worst part of the laundry process and without question the most crucial part of saving yourself space in the linen closet, an absolute must for city living. I watched this video a few years ago and I can’t believe I didn’t learn this trick sooner. It is so easy after you do it a few times, just trust Jill, she knows what’s up (as is proven by the over 10 million views of this video!).

Next let’s talk about how to clean a cast iron skillet. Did you know soap is a no-no when cleaning your skillet? The reason is that cast iron is best used by building up a thin later of oil that coats the inside of your skillet and soap is designed to remove oil. If you use soap you will damage the seasoning on the pan. So how do you get all of the grit and grime out without using the soap? The answer is SALT! And whatever you do, DO NOT soak it!

Last but not least let’s learn how to break down a chicken. I watched this video on repeat a few weeks ago as I followed along breaking down a whole bird for the first time. I felt like a boss in the kitchen. It’s so convenient to buy chicken pieces all cut and ready to go but it’s A LOT less expensive when you break it down yourself. And with a little practice it won’t take more than 10 minutes. A great way to justify spending a few more dollars to buy an organic bird.


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