Pour Over Coffee

Have you heard the buzz on the streets about pour over coffee? If you’ve been to a trendy cafe you’ve probably seen it. It’s the little row of beakers with funnels hanging over them and a long line of thirsty customers waiting for a fresh cup. I myself tend to be a latte or cappuccino girl but every so often I mix it up with a fresh pour over. I can’t help but have a soft spot in my heart for it because the method reminds me so much of wine and wine making. There are different styles of beans and roasts all showcasing aromas and tasting notes indicative of the environment they grow and are roasted in. If you are intimidated by the options you can usually chat up your barista to help guide you to a cup you will enjoy. I’m telling you, when you get the right one you will never go back to your regular cup of joe.

A few more things…
A wonderfully sarcastic but informational coffee insiders blog called Sprudge is worth a minute of your time when you need a break from your day, check it out HERE. Get a taste of their insight with this hilarious review they shared on Starbucks new pour over concept.

Also, pour over can be done at home, all you need are a few gadgets (all on Amazon) and your favorite beans. In San Francisco a few local gems for beans are Ritual Coffee Roasters, Sightglass, Blue Bottle and Philz. Some basic gadgets below.


Ceramic Coffee Dripper, $16


Glass Coffeemaker, $49.99


Drip Kettle, $38

Last but not least, a video to learn how to do it. Enjoy!


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