These are the main flavors I stick with because they are low in sugar

These are the main flavors I stick with because they are low in sugar

In the last 10 years Kombucha has gone from a little known “hippy” elixir to a bottle available in most major grocery stores. I remember first hearing about it in college and ignored the health benefits completely because I couldn’t get over the fact that people were paying (at the time) around $7 or so for a bottle of the suspicious looking stuff. $7!!?!?….for a drink?! It blew my mind. But fast forward to today and not only has the price come down ($3.00ish on sale) but I swear by the stuff to help ensure a healthy dose of probiotics to my gut and keep my immune system in check. There are a lot of claims out there about the dozens of miracle health benefits Kombucha can offer but not much scientific research to back it up. That doesn’t mean those benefits aren’t true, it just means nobody has forked up the cash to study them. But one thing that is known is that the fizzy drink is a huge source of probiotics, and those have been proven to contribute to a healthy digestive track and strong immune system. The way I see it, that alone is enough reason to drink it and if the other benefits are in fact true I get an extra bonus! If you are curious to know more about it I’ve listed some interesting links below. My one word of caution to you is to make sure to pay special attention to the amount of sugar in the brand and flavor you buy, less is best!

Kombucha Overview and Recipe to Make it at Home HERE

Also, from NPR’s Blog THIS
…most kombucha drinks contain live bacteria. And evidence is mounting that friendly bacteria or probiotics aide digestion and possibly even strengthens the immune system.

These good bugs “actually live inside of us and help digest our food, digesting particles we can’t digest on our own,” nutritionist Reinagel says. “And they actually produce certain nutrients for us, which is a very nice trick.”

One of the staple flavors in my household

One of the staple flavors in my household

lots of vitamins and live strains of healtht bacteria


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