Perfect Eyebrows

I started doing something new in my beauty routine this year that has completely transformed my face and helped me feel my best. I started filling in my eyebrows. It sounds like such a ridiculously silly thing but let me tell you it is now without question my one must do before leaving the house. I had no idea how powerful a transformation just a few swipes of makeup could have on my face but I’m telling you if you haven’t done it yet it’s time to try. Especially for any of you blondies out there like me…this little beauty trick can actually change the appearance of your face. I’m not talking anything crazy to make you unrecognizable, but with the few minutes it takes to fill in your brows you will notice your eyes become brighter, your face appears more symmetrical (apparently symmetry = beauty, check THIS out) and your eyes are instantly the beautiful focal point of your face.

It’s been almost a year since I first started filling in my brows and I have spent some time experimenting with the different tools and products available. Below is a recap on some of the options available and a (very embarrassing but hopefully helpful) before and after of what it looks like on me. Also, one expert tip I recently learned is to always ALWAYS buy one or two shades lighter than your hair color so it looks natural and doesn’t draw too much attention to the brow.

BEFORE on the right, AFTER filling in my brows on the left

BEFORE on the right, AFTER filling in my brows on the left

All the products I use are Anastasia but I know there are dozens of amazing brands out there so use what you love. Names below link through to product page.

Brow Pencil
This is what I started with. It is a great entry point because you can go really light with the color and fill in the more sparse areas of your brow without needing to do the entire thing. Easy to grip and comes with a convenient little brush on the back end to make sure everything is in place and blended.

Brow Powder
Powder is the most forgiving of all the products because it goes on so lightly. Also great for anyone wanting to focus on sparse areas of the brow and a great starting point before moving to gel. Allows for a soft finish, nothing too harsh.

Brow Gel
It took some getting used to but now the gel partnered with the pencil are my tools of choice. Clean application, easy to use and takes the least amount of time because it delivers the most color. If you’re not careful it can deliver too much color or look drawn on so best to apply with a light hand and use the bristle end of your application brush to blend in. I tend to use this to shape my brows but then feather in the rest with the pencil.

Clear Coat
Not necessary for everyone but if you want to ensure your brows stay in place all day this is a perfect final step. I brush on lightly in an up and out motion and follow over it with the bristle end of the application brush to ensure a light coat.

Angled Brush
An absolute must. Needed to apply the powder or gel and nice to have for final touches and blending.

Last but not least, a few helpful instructional videos from some of my favorite makeup artists. Oh!!, and I highly recommend going in to your local department store or Sephora to ask for help and try before you buy. The darling sales associate I asked to help me did my brows completely, teaching me her technique and tips, then suggested I run the rest of my errands to make sure it was a look I loved before returning to buy the goodies from her. I was so glad I did that!


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