Happy List Friday

I am so stinkin excited for this weekend I can hardly stand it! We are heading to Palm Desert to get some good hang time with some of our best friends. On a scale of 1 to 10 how old does it make us if we had no idea there happens to be a massive music festival happening there this weekend? Pretty damn old, I think. Especially because it’s Stagecoach!…one of the biggest country music festivals that exists. I love country music so had I known we definitely would have been trekking to a show (read: me dragging everyone to a show). Oh well! Now I will just cross my fingers for a Blake/Miranda or Tim/Faith sighting. Wish me luck and happy Friday!


the carpet at the Elk ‘s Lodge takes its job very seriously


the best kind of lineup, 1 pork 4 chicken


this is a room filled with hundreds of wines and people ready to pour you a taste. i love my job!


did you hear Blue Bottle bought Tartine Bakery? eeeeekkkk!!!!!…my neighborhood coffee just got more dangerous


shifting perspectives feels like a theme in my life right now



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