Sometimes a date night is all you need to make things feel right in the world. I swear, the news the past few weeks is enough to force anyone off the rails. Every single day there is a new crazy headline making the rounds and more WTFs muttered under my breath (or yelled out loud at the screen I’m reading). Cue the impromptu date night to take a minute and disconnect for a little reminder that not everyone is bat shit nutty. The hubs and I rendezvoused in Pioneer Square between work and evening work events to grab a quick dinner date at Radici. It was lovely. Amazing what a welcoming atmosphere, quick bowl of comforting pasta and light hearted conversation over candlelight can do to brighten your day. We shared the fresh grilled calamari with garlic and two of their signature pasta dishes (amazing gluten free pasta, hooray!). Pro tip for the win: if you get their famous Rudy’s Red and meatballs make sure to ask for extra sauce on the side, it’s really yummy.

314 2nd Ave South
Seattle, WA 98104


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