Dark Days, a Roast Chicken & a New Beginning


Well, here we are. 2020. Life is weird.

It’s been a long time since I’ve checked in but with everything going on in the world I’ve felt the tug to reconnect with a larger community and have an artistic outlet of some kind. A lot has changed since I was last here…kids, home, pandemic, perspective on life. In the spirit of just getting going below are a few things to start.

1. Man, these are dark days. Literally, because FUCKING DAY LIGHTS SAVINGS (every parent feels the power of that F-bomb right now). And just in general as our country feels more divided than it ever has in my lifetime. We have a lot of work to do and I for one am going to take a breath and then roll up my sleeves. For now I’m educating myself on where I can be most effective, staying home and ordering my favorite hand cream on the reg to help offset the constant hand washing. She ain’t sexy but I can assure you this is what you need for the winter of washing ahead.

2. Alison Roman is proving to be my flavor profile queen. Her infamous Vinegar Chicken with Olives sits firmly at the top of my “Dinner Party Meals” list and most recently the Slow Roasted Oregano Chicken has joined it and will be a staple in my home from now until forever.

3. Madame Vice President. I still can not believe it and as much as I wanted to see it I had no idea it would impact me so much emotionally to watch it happen. Six or seven times throughout the day I just started crying, looked at my hubs and said “this is such a big deal!” I feel so honored to get to watch Kamala do her thing and bear witness to the impact having her in the VP role has on girls around the world. I think Padma Lakshmi summed it up perfectly in this NY Times piece today.

Looking forward to checking in more often. Xoxo.


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