Embracing It


Thanksgiving 2020. What started last week as plans for a small gathering with my parents and grandma, shifted this weekend to an outdoor distanced cider + muffins tailgate and has now been cancelled all together and will be takeout turkey and champagne in our own homes. Honestly, the minute the decision was made to pivot I felt a weight lifted, because although it’s a massive bummer, it is the right decision for me and my family given the current climate. And funny enough I’m weirdly excited and fully embracing the idea of taking a pass this year and focusing on quality time with my little guys. No planning, no cooking, no cleaning. Just fully phoning it in and instead supporting a local restaurant and feeling damn good about it. So, I guess I check in to share three things…


The first is if you live in the Puget Sound area and want to order dinner, HERE is a list of some local spots offering up great menus. We went with Eric Rivera of Addo because the menu sounds delish, there is no cooking (just reheating) involved and they can accommodate dietary restrictions. Order soon as many have cutoffs for orders this week. 

Second, if you want to cook but are hoping to keep it simple, Melissa Clark shared a one-pan, one-pot Thanksgiving menu breakdown HERE.

Finally, if you’re still looking for inspiration for the full on traditional feast below are most of the links to what I had planned for ours. I was really excited about how it came together so it will definitely be saved for next year.



One thought on “Embracing It

  1. Oh how I have missed you. BTW I couldn’t open any links in this or last recent post. Take care and enjoy your boyz Debra Hansen (friend of your Mom’s)

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