Home Sweet Home

Hey there, it’s been awhile. I know. The truth is I needed a bit of time and space to take a breath and refresh without the pressure (I put on myself) of extra commitments, including A Touch of Lovely. It has been a crazy 9 or so months since I was last here, including a big career change for the hubs and move back home to Seattle over the holidays. Yeah, lots going on.

To be honest, we are still in shock ourselves* and wondering when it will hit us that we don’t live in San Francisco anymore. Regardless of the time it takes to sink in and settle into our new place I have to say everything about this move home feels right. Don’t get me wrong, I was so – damn – sad to leave the Bay Area. I loved my people, I knew my places, I rocked at my job…things worked and we were in a groove and loving life. It felt like we were choosing to walk away from something really good and yet we knew it was the right time to do it. So it would only be expected that being back in Seattle, although amazing for so many reasons, would come with a transition period of getting back into the swing of things and some longing for the sweet little life we had built for ourselves in SF. Well, I was wrong. There has not been one single second that has passed since arriving in this city where I am not thankful to be back. I always knew I loved this place, I wear my hometown pride on my sleeve and anyone who knows me knows that, but I had no idea just how much I belong here until being planted firmly back in the grips of this incredible place I adore. It is like I am seeing it from an entirely new perspective and appreciating it all more than I ever thought possible.

The hubs and I were chatting the other night before bed about how much growth a person can gain by moving away from home. I think this is particularly funny in our case because when we first met he was living in San Francisco and I lived in Seattle. During one of the initial times we hung out I offered to drive him to the airport and felt the need to awkwardly (and quite aggressively!) blurt out that I would NEVER move away from Seattle. Famous last words. Probably the sign I needed to tell me moving away from home would in fact be good for me. Now that I am on the other side of it I know to the deepest level of my heart it was not only good for me but truly life changing if only for the mere fact that it feels so good to be home.

*We are weird people and decided it would be fun to surprise all of our friends by moving home without telling anyone. Who does that? We do. And somehow we managed to pull it off! A few days after arriving we threw ourselves a surprise welcome home party…our friends all thought they were coming to a wine launch for my company. The look on every single person’s face as they walked through the door was absolutely priceless and worth every moment we kept this massive secret. Highly recommend this move, although it is probably partly to blame for why it doesn’t feel real yet.


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