The Best Surprise

Last week my best friend surprised the hell out of me by showing up on my doorstep for a less than 24 hour trip to visit. Literally, on my doorstep! I got home from an evening walk with the babe and hubs and she was sitting there waiting for us. Let me tell you it was exactly what my soul needed. And honestly, I’m still in shock! We gabbed, ordered Thai food, gabbed, played with the baby, gabbed and gabbed some more until we ran out of time. The next day with the hour or so I had to show off Seattle we explored Pike Place Market – complete with dungeness crab shooters, bought Market Spice cinnamon tea and had lunch on the Pink Door deck. It was perfection in every way. When I hugged her goodbye my heart was bursting with gratitude for this sparkling joy of a person I get to have in my life. Oh, and she just so happens to be a ridiculously talented photographer and all of the pictures in this post (except the oysters – I won’t blame my iphone attempt at photography on her) are from the magic of how she sees the world. Pretty great, right? The only downside…she isn’t in any of them! All the more reason to improve my skills and get her back. Check out her work at, I’m so proud of her!


You can read my lips: 1) SHUT UP! 2) Turn to hubs, SERIOUSLY? 3) ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!


Her hubs was in town for a meeting and we were all pretty pumped about being reunited


If only we had more time this would have happened


Me and the hubs, so thankful for this shot


Peony season at the market

Pink Door oysters with peppercorn balsamic ice are as good as it gets


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